Monday, November 3, 2014

Typical sick day

Day 4 of no voice, and it's definitely starting to get old. I am a terrible patient, even when I had less going on in my life. I hate to do nothing, so the idea of a tv marathon has little appeal to me. Sleep is boring, and I get restless after a while. So the idea of trying to rest all day always sounds nice in theory, but the execution always falls short. It's also difficult to rest as a caregiver. As an example, I have inventoried my morning this morning below, with parenthetical commentary about how I imagine my day playing out a decade earlier.

1:11 am: wake up, suggest to husband who fell asleep on the couch watching the late football game to go upstairs to bed (-10: same)
4:15 am: wake up coughing, eventually settle back to sleep (-10: same)
6:18 am: wake up to 5 year old singing the ABCs at the top of her lungs as she washes her hands. Teaching her to sing the ABCs while washing her hands seemed like a good idea at the time so she'd wash for the requisite 20 seconds. Going to have to work on volume. (-10: still sleeping)
6:20 am: roll over, hoping to go back to sleep. (-10: still sleeping)
6:30 am: give up, make sure kid is alive, and fed. Thanks, hubby (-10: still sleeping)
6:40 am: jump in shower, hoping the steam will help clear out my sinuses (-10: still sleeping)
7:05 am: get dressed. Frantically search backpack and internet for November school lunch menu, which is nowhere to be found. Finally get it from google, post it on school website for other parents in same boat (-10: still sleeping)
7:15 am: convince child via emphatic whispers that she really wants to try the corm muffin/chili for hot lunch so I don't need to make her lunch. Make sure kid is dressed. (-10: still sleeping)
7:20 am: sign in online to cancel the day's meetings, send an idea for current work project, and request extension for a deadline (-10: probably would have still done this)
7:45 am: get kid in car and drive her to early drop-off at school (-10: still sleeping)
8:10 am: get home and heat up breakfast, tea (-10: same)
8:15 am: breakfast in front of Today Show (-10: same)
9:00 am: send message to doctor's office since I can't call them with no voice (-10: same)
9:15 am: check back online to put up my out of office message (-10: probably would have still done this)
10 am: debate taking a nap, opt to start the laundry instead (-10: probably would have still done this)

You get the idea. So now I am as free as a bird to recuperate for the rest of the day. Did I mention I am not very good at this? I'll start by making another cup of tea and refilling the humidifier.

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