Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Equal Exchange: Best FUNdraiser going

Lu's dad and I weren't sure what to expect entering the Boston Public School system. We entered optimistically, having heard both positive and negative reviews, and have been very pleased by the rich education it offers and the kind faculty and students she has met. The staff, parents, and students have been pleasant, interesting, understanding, and kind. We have experienced a whole new sense of community here.

However, one thing that goes along with the territory for most parents is lots of school fundraising. Due to state- and city-wide budget cuts, the days of the PTA holding a couple of bake sales and claiming success are a fond memory. The school's parent council must raise thousands of dollars just to meet the school's basic needs for art, music, supplies, educational electronic equipment, and field trips.

Fortunately, Lu's school has partnered with local company Equal Exchange. Check out their gift catalog for an amazing school fundraising idea. A whopping 40% of purchases from the orders go directly to the school! Equal Exchange offers a variety of delicious, organic chocolates, teas, as well as handmade gifts that make excellent presents. 

This fundraiser put the fun back in fundraising! Lu and I took advantage of the beautiful weather over the weekend to go door to door asking our neighbors if they wanted to participate. Thanks to the generosity of local friends, family, and businesses such as Ellen and Janis Real Estate, Tony Williams Dance Studio, as well as the purchases from friends and family both locally and over the country, we have raised over $1,400 in product sales, so $560 will go back to the school.

I was so happy to participate in such a win-win of a fundraiser. It gave me the opportunity to teach Lu that her field trips must be paid for, and to teach her the value of asking for help and taking steps to help improve her school. She was so excited when her neighbors and friends agreed to buy items from the catalog. After she made each sale, the look on her face was priceless. She really felt, I think perhaps for the first time, that she can truly make a difference. Even at 5.

She's a little early to learn the ABCs of sales, always be closing, but one step at a time.

And, if you got that ABC reference and since it's that time of year, here's Glengarry Glen Christmas.

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  1. Thank you for including us in this great fundraiser to support Lu's school. A special thank you to Equal Exchange for all it does to support public education in Boston!