Monday, November 10, 2014

Do you have enough margin in your week?

Who has two thumbs, and gets up from a weekend afternoon nap, restless and sleepless, to hyperlink her LinkedIn profile?

Lately, I have been full of words, thoughts, ideas. I love that. I think that the #NaBloPoMo effort is contributing to my frenzy. I will let my mind wander, and then get an idea. One of the first things I think is, "I can blog about that!" But I really need to fight the urge to be productive, or too productive.

It's hard to harness the passion. When I had a morning off this weekend I wanted to get ahead, and drafted nearly a dozen posts to schedule for later in the month. All the things. I have to work hard to contain the energy and direct it to causes that matter to me, and allow myself to turn off sometimes. Margin, or downtime, for me means that maybe I don't need to have 12 blog posts scheduled in case I run out of ideas. Maybe 4 will suffice.

I realize that I need uncommitted space in my life, so that I can say yes to the stuff that really matters. Like my career. Like spending time with my husband and daughter. Giggling on the couch watching vintage Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, like we did last night. Like volunteering for my daughter's school. Like exercising and writing.

One of the bloggers I follow, Michael Hyatt, has some excellent tips on how to create more margin in your life. I think it's worth a listen, or a re-listen, each time I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have a busy week coming up: taking off of work tomorrow to spend time with my husband on his birthday, which means compressing 5 days worth of work into 4. I'm also making a couple of big presentations later in the week. But it's time to take a deep breath. I've got this.

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