Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy birthday to Margaret Atwood

Happy, happy birthday to my all-time favorite author Margaret Atwood! This lovely, talented, intelligent author is turning 75 years old today.

I had the pleasure of meeting Margaret this spring. I blogged all about it back in May.

Goodreads, my favorite online literature reviewer, recently interviewed Margaret about her illustrious career and the plans for a TV series based on her work. She also did a cool project where she wrote an essay to the future that will be opened in 100 years.

If you're new to Margaret Atwood, might I highly recommend 2 of her books that are my personal favorites? The Handmaid's Tale is her most famous, classic novel. I also suggest The Robber Bride, which coincidentally has a character named Charis, though she pronounces it differently than I do. Her latest is Stone Mattress, a collection of short stories that I currently have on hold from the Boston Public Library.

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