Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day 2014

In case you're not an HBO viewer, you might have missed John Oliver's excellent piece on Last Week Tonight about the importance of engaging in the process of electing your state legislators. Here's a recap from Slate. The segment highlighted how a scary percentage of legislators, who from the clips he showed did not look all that qualified, run unopposed. Oliver rightly pointed out how a lot of political business is in fact local. This Congress is shaping up to have produced the fewest laws in our nation's history, but there are many more laws being passed at the state level. He makes a valid argument that Americans should pay more attention to who they send to represent them at the state level.

Please make it a priority to inform yourself about the issues you'll be voting for, and cast your vote today. If you live in Massachusetts like I do, here are a few resources I found useful:

The 2014 Massachusetts Ballot Questions Explained in Plain English

5 Key Policy Differences between Baker and Coakley

How Anti-LGBT Is Charlie Baker's Running Mate Karyn Polito?

Find your polling place

Happy Election Day 2014!

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