Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Art of Asking

Tonight, I am going to Amanda Palmer's book party.

I've loved Amanda Palmer's music since a coworker several jobs ago made me a copy of her band The Dresden Dolls self-titled album. The music really grew on me, and I went to several of her live shows, including this one at the Middle East and The Onion Cellar. She seems to attract controversy wherever she goes, like with a poem for Dzhokhar she published soon after the Boston Marathon bombings and a Kickstarter campaign that put off many of the musicians who performed with her. I don't pay much attention to the drama, and enjoy her music nonetheless.

I'll post later with updates, hopefully photos, and a review. In the meantime, here are some critics' takes on Amanda's new book:


Boston Herald review


Updated: So the show was amazing. Amanda only played a few songs, but the ones she played: The Bed Song, Runs in the Family, Delilah, and Play Your Ukulele, were fantastic. Amanda's husband Neil was there, reading from her book.

 The Royale is a beautiful venue.

And I met Amy Cuddy, who gave one of my favorite TED talks about body language! I blogged about her in my career tips post. She is awesome and beautifully sang along to Delilah this evening. Way to go, Amy and Amanda!

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