Thursday, November 6, 2014

My favorite, natural, vegan makeup

I love to wear makeup. It makes me feel more put together and ready to face the world.

I searched for years to find the right products. I finally landed on mineral makeup. I didn't like the way liquid foundations felt on my face (streaky), and I loved the lightweight feel on my skin. I had avoided mineral makeup for years because I didn't think it would cover any imperfections. I'm of Irish descent and I tend toward a ruddy complexion, so I like to even out my skin tone. I was surprised to learn that Bare Minerals actually offered enough coverage. However, I still didn't love the colors, as they were too far away from my pale skin.

I found out about the local all-vegan natural cosmetic store The All Natural Face through a Groupon-like promotion. I ordered a few products, such as their colorful and sparkly eye shadows, and was hooked. They have an awesome Find your Perfect Shade mineral foundation package for under 5 bucks where they'll ship you 26 different shades of foundation so you can try them all and decide which one suits you perfectly. They also have a great mascara. I love the dark plum shade. This product has the added bonus of not leaving raccoon eyes the next morning. I rarely wash it off at night because it disappears on its own. If you can't live without your Maybeline, then pick up their oil-based makeup remover. I'm also a fan of their brow wax; one pot lasts forever. Check out their lip balms, lotions, perfumes, and face wash, too.

There is a brick and mortar store in Framingham, MA, which I've visited twice, but their shipping is so reasonable (seriously, like $2) that I mostly order online.

So, head on over to support Crystal, the local entrepreneur/founder of The All Natural Face, and tell her I sent you! As an added bonus, new customers can save 10% off your order! I definitely resemble a child on Christmas morning after ordering from The All Natural Face, especially with this deal.

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