Friday, November 7, 2014

The Bees Realm

It's that time of year again. Dry, itchy skin time. I am prone to eczema and my thin, pale skin is like paper under these late autumn and winter conditions. Both my frequent hand washing and being exposed to nothing but dry, inside air combine to really dry out my skin. I run humidifiers 24-7 in my house, and even have one at work, but it doesn't appear to have much effect.

One of the only things that improves my dry skin is an amazing local beeswax product made by my friend and local mom Heidi. She makes her own products out of her apartment in Jamaica Plain, and you can find her online at The Bees Realm and in person at local craft fairs. Her flagship product is a beeswax body balm. This rich, thick cream multitasks as a lip balm, cuticle cream, foot moisturizer, baby lotion, etcetera. The 2 oz. jar for only $8 is a steal. I am still using mine from last winter. I prefer the unscented coconut version. At night, I apply a thick layer of this balm on my hands and cover with cotton gloves. It's the only way I know that prevents the backs of my hands from cracking and bleeding.

For a portable lip balm, scroll to the end of the page for a wide selection of scents.

Heidi's latest product is a natural deodorant. I was surely a doubting Thomas, but it really works! Even if you think natural deodorants are for hippies, you should give it a try. We have enough exposure to chemicals as it is in 2014, so we don't need to go slathering on yet another on our skin daily.

Heidi con't make this product without the bees' help! Please check out some easy ways to protect the bees.

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