Friday, November 21, 2014

More Inbox help

Battling the deluge of emails that one receives daily poses an extreme challenge for most people. As if work email wasn't enough, marketers are constantly spamming the masses at their private email addresses. My husband's marketing email got so frequent that he ended up setting up a new address just for that category of correspondence, complete with "junk" in the name.

I've embraced a slightly different email management tactic that's working well for me. I wanted to share two tips to manage your mail: the coupon label and Unroll.Me.

It's easy to filter the marketing messages I want to receive, like CVS 20% off coupons and offers from Loft and The Vintage Pearl, into a folder that I can check on my own terms. When the offending email enters my Gmail inbox, I set up a filter.

Then I redirect this message into a folder (I know, Gmail calls it a label, it's a glorified folder).

Now I can search or check my coupons on my own terms without them landing in my inbox.

Another cool email management system is Unroll.Me. This tool scans your inbox for mailings that you might want to read (for instance, newsletters from The Brookline Booksmith, Goodreads, or Bella Luna) but not want to read every day. You can also include LinkedIn and Facebook notifications. You'll get a digest of all of this content once a day, which you can also check any time at Unroll.Me.

Did any of this tips get you to the elusive Inbox 0? Let me know in the comments!

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