Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to survive and thrive through the quarterlife crisis

A week ago today, I gave a presentation about work/life balance at my company. It's my version of a TED talk, though it ran a bit longer than your average TED talk and surely won't get as many views. I positioned the talk as the quarterlife crisis, because I felt it was critical to establish with my audience my past history of having my work-life balance out of whack.

I am so relieved that the talk went flawlessly! Even the interactive polls and the WebEx behaved. The best part was that after, dozens of coworkers took the time to thank, congratulate, and tell me how my tips would help them to integrate their life into their work.

Please feel free to check out my presentation.

This is my slide deck.

Here's a list of tips for reducing stress throughout your workday.

And, finally, here's to a better work-life balance for all!

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