Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feeling terrible? Awesome? Just wait a minute ...

I've been reading and thinking a lot about mindfulness and Buddhist teachings lately. I think the cold, snowy winter brings out my retrospective side. The short days and lack of sunlight put me into a funk that even my happy light is challenged to disrupt. Here I sit, bracing for yet another snowstorm to disrupt my schedule.

That's my car in the middle, under all the snow

Soul searching, while uncomfortable at times, helps me to further internalize transformative messages. Like the idea that pain is inevitable, but so is joy. It takes a certain amount of discomfort to achieve a breakthrough like this. It's one thing to hear a message, and think that you get it. I love to pretend that I know it all, when reality suggests that I'm learning more about how to be my true self each day. It's quite routine that just when I think I have something all figured out, that same lesson comes back to hit me over the head a few more times until I think I might break.

So, here I sit with my quiet discomfort. Realizing that just around the corner from a painful transition will be rays of sunshine and warmth. The joy is just as transient, so I intend to enjoy every moment.

Sunset at Ft. Myers Beach