Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer check in

Wow, it's been longer than I realized since my last post back in June. I have certainly had a busy summer. Lu has been to 9 weeks of interesting, enriching camps. We took a trip to NH and ME to visit family and friends. We've all been enjoying the frenzied pace of summer and all of its activities.

Work has been busy, with a successful launch of my latest project today. And I've been working on my personal growth, specifically on my intention early this year to relinquish control over more and to go with the flow. To surrender.

With over half of the year behind me, I'm reflecting on what has changed by fully embracing my new attitude. It's nearly universally positive. I'm still putting in every effort at work. I am being the best mom and wife that I can. I am slower to anger and arguing less. I am still busy, but somehow I am learning to stress less over little details and embrace the moment.

I'm off to Jamaica early tomorrow morning for a relaxing beach vacation with my husband. Unknowingly, he booked the same property we had stayed at 15 years ago on our first trip. The resort has a new name, but I'm sure it will feel like returning to a familiar friend's house after a long hiatus. I can't wait! Now to pack ...