Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy new year

2015. It sounds quite futuristic.

I just did a couple of looking forward and back exercises from Rosie Molinary's blog that I found very inspiring. First she has a retrospective of 2014. It's not too late; I did mine today! All you need is half an hour, some paper, and maybe a mug of tea.

I followed up my retrospective with a plan for 2015 and a word for the year. Her idea to flip the usual line of thinking from DO->HAVE->BE to BE->HAVE->DO really resonated with me.

These exercises are so insightful, so please check them out. The combined 3 exercises outlined above have been the best 45 minutes I spent all year. I think that they have set me up for an amazing 2015. Here's to new experiences!

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