Saturday, April 5, 2014

Why I don't mind my 45 minute commute

That's 45 minutes each way, no traffic, about 70 miles round trip. Lu winning the kindergarten lottery means we will stay in Boston for the foreseeable future. I just accepted a new position at my company, so the commute stays.

I use my 45 minutes to enjoy listening to audiobooks. It is such an escape, like having a travel companion on a long road trip who is the best storyteller. Thanks to the Boston Public Library (BPL), I have access to a nearly unlimited selection of stories from world-renowned authors, plus relative unknowns. I never know when I'll discover my next favorite author. BPL has 2 great online services for audiobooks, eBooks, and more, OverDrive and Hoopla. The best part is that all Massachusetts residence can access these for free.

I manage my wish list of books on Goodreads. I have about 80 on my to-read shelf. That should keep me listening for at least a few more years. Not to mention all of the awesome books that have yet to be written.

We're shopping for a new place to live in Boston. I'm holding out for a house that has a bookshelf like this.

Edited 8/6 to offer this handy tip from a colleague: Check out this post on how to set it so that your iPhone or other device remembers where you are in an audiobook: